🔰How to download YouTube videos

Hello! Today am going to teach you how to download YouTube videos directly to your phone  or in your video player.

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At times most people usually try to download or ask how to download videos which is in YouTube site. But they end up downloading it in there YouTube library downloads.
As shown below:
But today you will learn the easy  steps on how to download any YouTube videos.

YouTube as a whole is a big web which was organized  for people to be able to watch any video, movies, comedy e.t.c they desired to watch,  actually the videos are posted by people through their YouTube channel which they open for posting videos.
YouTube has many features but has no access for people or individuals to download the videos which are posted or uploaded on YouTube to there phone. But YouTube has an access to download video but not directly to the phone. it's  pattern to download a video, is when you download a video it can be played without data(like to store the video). We all know that before you can have access to YouTube or watch any YouTube video, you must have active Data. But after you have successfully  downloaded any YouTube video you can watch them without data in the web-page. That's the pattern YouTube has to download any of the posted or uploaded videos💦

But today i have discovered a very easy way to download YouTube videos direct to phones. 

Step by step on how to download YouTube videos to phones or phone video player

>Step1: open your YouTube app, if you don't have simply click to download or you can open YouTube through any search engine click to open

 >Step2: click on any YouTube video you want and copy it url link [e.g]

>Setp3: Go to y2mate click to open

>Step4: paste the link you copied from YouTube [e.g]

>Step4: Then you will see many downloads[they are the videos]. click on Download that is not written as full-HD or m-HD because they download very fast while the one with that[ full-HD or  m-HD]  downloads slowly.  [See the photo below]
Boom! 🤩 You have successfully downloaded the video to your phone. 

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