🔰How to get back your suspended WhatsApp Account

Many people are complaining of their WhatsApp account being suspended or banned, and they don't know why it happeneds. But today am going to tell you all the reasons  why your WhatsApp is being suspended, How you can avoid your account to be suspended and many more.

WhatsApp is an official messaging-App and they provide all the possible means to let her  people or members using Whatsapp  to stay save and protect their privacy. 

Reasons Why Your Whatsapp Account Was  Banned
Whatsapp feels you have done something wrong that violates their terms and conditions, thus this action. Not only that,  might have make them to suspend or banned your WhatsApp account. Their are some other different reason entirely More about WhatsApp terms/conditions. click to read 
Some users are currently facing their suspensions on Whatsapp because they are using an unofficial version of Whatsapp (like the GBWhatsapp, fmWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus etc). Suspension varies for different users. Some were given 30minutes, 24 hour and 48 hours suspension.

Reasons Why Your Whatsapp Account Was Suspended Or Banned

>>You have installed third-party applications. They are apps not created by WhatsApp developers. Apps like GbWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, fmWhatsapp etc. 

>You have sent so many messages to a person that does not have your number saved.

>> WhatsApp users have blocked you in a short period of time. Whatsapp will see you as a spammer.

>>>you should not violate any terms and conditions of WhatsApp services. The terms and conditions are listed on WhatsApp website, and make sure you go through each of them and understand each point carefully.

There you have them all. Your Whatsapp number must have been suspended or banned for one of those reasons listed above. Once you are suspended, you will keep getting a notification saying;
Your phone number +1238937373 is  banned from using WhatsApp. Contact Support for help“. Or shown below

Don't panic. I will show you some  steps use in getting your suspended WhatsApp account back.

If your account was suspended, then send an email to support@whatsapp.com and politely ask them to reactivate your phone number to use Whatsapp.

After your account is open, you need to do.

✓First of all, you need to go and understand the “Rules & Regulations” that you have violated and be ready to correct it by making changes.

>Uninstall all third-party or modded versions of Whatsapp application from your phone

> Save all WhatsApp contact in your phone and also tell your friends to save yours♻️

How Long Should I Wait For Reactivation?

The time to restore your account varies. It should take nothing more than 48hours. Usually, if the problem is not serious, this takes place after 30m - 24hr.

On the contrary, if your account was permanently banned because the violation is considered overly serious, the only option is to create a new WhatsApp account with a new phone number.

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