🔰Glo unlimited free browsing cheat for>>>your-freedom-VPN

Hello guy, we now have another glo unlimited with the same your-freedom-vpn. The cheat has been on sale for but we have decided to post the cheat for free.

Like I usually say"as far as is a cheat, it can be block at anytime.so let's use this opportunity to enjoy the cheat before it gets block.

Without saying too much, let's get down to the main topic of this post.

Things To Note

☑️You need to purchase Premium account for YourFreedom vpn

☑️Config file for the cheat -DOWNLOAD HERE (Config doesn't expire).

☑️You need a Glo sim-card without data

☑️To have better speed, use the Glo 4G sim

☑️You need to download Your-Freedom-vpn android app
Browsing speed is quite okay, but download speed is not that fast. _DOWNLOAD HERE

☑️The cheat is unlimited

☑️You need to Join our Telegram group for more hot free browsing cheats._JOIN HERE

Your-Freedom-VPN Settings for the glo unlimited

📕Simply follow these instructions carefully and don't skip a line.

  • Make sure you have downloaded Your-Freedom-VPN. Then
  • Create an account with them[your-freedom-VPN]and subscribe to their plan called Mobile-Plus. Which Cost $2 and make payment via PayPal.
  • import the Config file you downloaded above on Your-Freedom-vpn, by clicking on Configure > Backup/Restore > Load Config, then locate the config file and import it.

vpn settings

  • After that, add your premium account details which you created, then fill your username and password on Your-Freedom-vpn app, by clicking on Configure > Account Information.
vpn settings 2

  • Now you need go back to the main page and tap on Start Connection.
  • It will connect within some seconds. When it's connected, you should minimize the app then you can start browsing with it free, download and also watch movies on YouTube

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