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Hello Guys, you're going to learn amazing trick today , which is How to create a WhatsApp-bot. In my last post, I wrote an article, titled "How to clone a telegram-bot"But today we are yet With another amazing trick. Do you  know that you can make auto replying WhatsApp messages. Today in this post am going to teach you almost everything about how to create auto reply bot service. 

Does it requires coding skills ? - probably not. Now multiple apps available to make whatsapp auto replying. So, No need any special knowledge of coding. But, Some apps works through PC requires some python skills (fortunately won't  make post on that. We see more easy way without codings)

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Auto Reply or Using Bots are against WhatsApp Terms and Policies. So, You may be banned for using those. Personally, I have tested these apps and methods listed below and not get banned yet. That doesn't mean happen same for you. This is an alert before using our tutorials. Be safe :) Try using it in your alternative numbers.

We are teaching you this for only educational purposes.

(How to create a WhatsApp-Bot
Auto Responder for WhatsApp)

The Application is available in playstore which works by taking permission of Notification Access. For instance, If you receive messages you will receive notification, It will auto read notifications and respond to those command replies which you wi set through the app. This application available for free and as well as paid. {no worries, DM usually share paid app for free, so that how we will also share the premium app for free }

For Example : If you set,

If received "Hello"
Reply with "Hi"
Then it will happen so.

How to use WhatsApp auto respond Message [step by step tutorial ]

STEP 1 : Download the App-DOWNLOAD HERE

STEP 2 : Open the application

STEP 3 : Allow notification access permission

STEP 4 : Click Plus + symbol on bottom

STEP 5 : Type the message the bot Will reply to

STEP 6 : In "Should be Answered" text box

STEP 7 : Then type What bot need to reply

STEP 8 : In "Should be sent" text box

STEP 9 : You can set the bot to reply message only for Group/Contact

STEP 10 : More Features [Read below]
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-Instant Auto Reply
-Works on Same number
-You can even set delay timers
- Send only for groups/contact/both.
- Send Multiple Replies
-Send Random counts
-You can store received message
Send to specific contacts/groups
-Send Except to contacts/groups
- Send only in particular time/day
-Pause Auto sent for particular time/count
- ∆ To avoid Spamming
- Also it had some inbuilt commands
• With more and more features [e.t.c]

♻️Yeah guys, that all about how to create a WhatsApp-Bot

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  1. Thanks man. But your own WhatsApp bot do ban someone that post link. How did you do that?

    1. That one in particular, requires coding skills


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