🔰How to hang someones WhatsApp through message

Hello guys, today am going to share a wonderful and helpful information to you guys. Have you been in WhatsApp before and you see a message like this [shown below]

then If that message was clicked our device will get hanged for few minutes and sometime says whatsapp has been crashes or unfortunately errors.So guys, am going to teach you how to create a WhatsApp hang message.


Please we are teaching this for educational purposes. We are not responsible for any damage or gain this tutorial may cause you. Kindly read our terms and conditions before going to this process. Because we give everything in our website for educational purpose. And we are not giving out this information for you to use it against other. ~Stay save.

Many people don't know how it happens. And I have received a lot of message to my in box which people are asking me how to create a hang message. So today I have come up with an idea on how to create a WhatsApp hang message.

Lets get into the post
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• First of all, these kind of message is not a virus. So, don't panic that your device was affected by virus.

• It is just a bunch of characters that bind or combined together with a single character. That mean The binded character is a blank space character. Which doesn't takes space and which doesn't visible. But, consumes a character storage space.

• That character i found was 8206 and 8207 on ASCII code. Which displays blank when converted into string(text).

•8206 = blank character (invisible) . but it consume the space. So, it is equal to 1 character. Same for 8207.just that the code consumes a lot a space in a device.

• For example We bind 10k 8206's and 8207's then in a single letter space it had 10k blank characters.

• I hope you now understand the reason why is happens.


To create the WhatsApp hang message is quite simple, if you can follow my procedures correctly.It 💯 working

~First: download the ASCII code app- DOWNLOADED HERE↗️

~Second: In the text box type the message you want e.g [💣 👈don't click on this message] write the message you what to get hang if someone taps on it

~Third: then in the ASCIl box, type the 8206 and 8207[you can type as many as you want]. Then it will form a long code, copy and send to the person. It will be in form of message.

Our already made hang code

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♻️That's all guys. If you think this tutorial really helps, simply share to other. For any issue, comment below

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  1. It working, but any trick on how to bomb telegram group 😅😅


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