How to create/add a WhatsApp sticker

Currently now, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app.Whatsapp is very fast in sending and receiving messages...
However WhatsApp is a test and voice messaging app, it has a lot of wonderful features.

Actually, WhatsApp is funny because of the sticker feature in it... It helps people to express there feelings to one another.

Facebook- owner WhatsApp has added the stickers features allowing it's users to send different stickers while chatting. Though several third-party sticker packs are available, it still lacks some good stickers that you might want to use. So why not create your own stickers and use it. Well, if you are looking for a way to create you own sticker, simply follow our steps correctly.

I will teach you How to create a WhatsApp sticker and add it to Whatsapp via write-ups and vidoe tutorials.
You can actually use app to make a WhatsApp sticker...

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First step: Creating an image with no background
The first thing you are supposed to do is click your images with the expressions you want and convert it to PNG file format with no background. To do that, open your smartphone camera and click some images and now let’s convert them into PNG file format with no background and then will add them to WhatsApp. so here’s how to convert your pictures into PNG with a transparent background or no background.
Downlaod "Background erase"-DOWNLOAD HERE
With the help of "background erase" app, you can convert your image to transparent background

1. Select the image you want to convert

Example: we selected this one

2. Crop image and erase the background

3. Save the image in PNG format (as WhatsApp only supports PNG format for Stickers)

Second step: adding the created Sticker to your WhatsApp.

Download "personal Sticker"-DOWNLOAD HERE

With the help of "personal sticker" app, you can add your sticker to Whatsapp.

1. Click on "create your new sticker pack"

2. click on "Add sticker"

3. Click on "Add to Whatsapp"

After that your sticker is now added to Whatsapp.
Screenshot below 👇

If you are not clear with the post, kindly watch the video tutorial:-

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That's all friends!

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