Full guide about forsage smart contract (Don't miss out)

Many people are looking for the best way to make real money online, Guess what, today I will give you a full guide on how to make money online through Forsage smart contract.

This is going to be a super one.... You don't need to be scared, even though you are registered, this article will surely help you to earn more.

 1.0: What is Ethereum
 1.1: What is smart contract 
 1.2: What is Forsage 

2.0: Spillovers
2.1: Referrals
2.2: Overflows

3. x3 AND x4 LEVELS
3.0: x3 levels
3.1: x4 levels
3.2: Upgrading
3.3: The concept of Reinvesting




Each Bitcoin is basically a computer file which is stored in a 'digital wallet' app on a smartphone or computer. People can send Bitcoins (or part of one) to your digital wallet, and you can send Bitcoins to other people. Every single transaction is recorded in a public list called the blockchain.

What is a smart contract

A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol respectively, which is intended to automatically execute, control or document respectively legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract, of an agreement or of a negotiation.
 The objectives of smart contracts are the reduction of need in trusted intermediators, arbitrations and enforcement costs, fraud losses, as well as the reduction of malicious and accidental exceptions.


Ether is the cryptocurrency generated by the Ethereum platform as a reward to mining nodes for computations performed and is the only currency accepted in the payment of transaction fees on the platform. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency platform by market capitalization, behind Bitcoin.
When I first heard of it 3 weeks ago Eth was around ₦79,000+, when I joined it was around ₦86,000 now today it is, ₦90,000+

2015 Ethereum was launched too and one ethereum was sold for ₦187 
Now in 2020..that ONE Ethereum is now sold for ₦90,000 and above
Once you buy the Etherum coin..it's keeps growing and the value keeps increasing daily. 

You can be a millionaire with just your etherum coin, just as Bitcoin

Ethereum is increasing daily. So if you bought 1 eth for ₦70,000 last 3 weeks, today you'll be getting ₦90,000 + instead.
Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency platform by market capitalization, behind Bitcoin. It is a decentralized open source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality. Ethereum is the cryptocurrency generated by Ethereum miners as a reward for computations performed to secure the blockchain.

FORSAGE is a smart contract platform built on an Etherieum Blockchain. It's a global community that uses a crypto currency called Etherieum as a means of payment. To get started you will need a TRUST WALLET APP

Forsage Earning System
On forsage you earn from two zones. it is X3 and X4...

 ›forsage x3: on this zone you earn strictly by referring and helping your referrals grow too so they can move  gradually with you to level 12. These zones is only important for those that can refer. 

›forsage X4: on this zone you earn via two ways which is spillover and overflow.

›Spillovers: Bonus that comes from an upline or downline that has gotten more than enough bonus for that level the system rewards others on that level from his/her upline excess bonuses.

›Overflow: This is a direct bonus from the system from a hard working upline to his downlines for been part of the community.

So basically on  X4 zone you don't do any work. All you do is buy new levels with your profit gotten from the last level and wait for the system to give you 6 bonus for that level you are into.

Forsage has level 1 to 12. Once you make payment now you start from level 1 and grow gradually till you get to 12.. Your profit can be sold at any level back to you bank account Forsage is a win for everyone as you can still make profit even without referring 

 We are going to give you strong and hardworking  uplines. So as long as you are team splitover and overflow is sure for you.

Like I said earlier, etherum was ₦189 then today ₦90,000 and above...Tomorrow who knows what it would become because of large investment and trading around the world into the ethereum blockchain, it has been growing Steadily in value.

2. Overflow: Overflow is what you earn from upline(the person that register you)
When he/she keep earning small and his basket on FORSAGE is already filled up, then:-
The rest fall on his downline
No matter if you are working or not , referring or not referring
 This is what we call
Forsage is the gift that keeps giving
The upline can't stop that as it is already program.

1. Spillovers: Spillovers works in such a way you earn from people around you in the system any person be it the person is in kano, USA, Russia, asia or wherever on this planet earth same as overflows also.
Spillover come from anywhere so no one can say the actual amount you will see on spillover


When you have earn much more than enough and your earning is enough to open/buy another level but you fail to buy it because you are greedy or ignorance,you will lose the profit for that level and it will fall on anyone.

3. Referrals: Referring by bringing your friends to register.
In this, everyone needs to grow together in order to earn, no one is an island of his own.
No one is a boss on his or her own you need each other to grow and earn massively and take note this is not a get rich quick scheme at all.

 You can make mone through this platform through 3 main ways:
1. Spillovers
2. Overflows
3. Referrals


Question: How much is the Ethereum required for registration in naira?
Answer: It’s usually 0.06-0.07ETH, which fluctuates depending on the network fees and market price of Ethereum at the point of registration.
Questions: After registration, what will I do to earn?
Answer: Follow the strategies that we have given you. 

Question: If I don’t have referrals, Will I earn?
Answer: Absolutely, You will earn. But it won’t be much. Its usually between 5-20$ but its not fixed or certain.
Question: How do I withdraw my earnings and turn it to cash?
Answer: You can send to your Luno Ethereum address and convert to cash through the guidance of the guiders we are going to give you below.

Question: What is the least of highest Ethereum I can earn?
Answer: There is no minimum or maximum amount you can earn on Forsage Smart Contract. You can earn as much as 10000 ETH. It all depends on your diligence and hardwork and your use of strategies to grow.
Question: Can I have more than one accounts?
Answer: Yes, you can. 

Question: when will it Crash?
Answer: Forsage Smart Contract Can never Crash. Its built on the Blockchain network which is the safest and most secure crypto network in the world.
Question: Will I receive money daily?
Answer: As long as you earn everyday, you can receive profit everyday. It all depends on your hardwork.
Question: Can I withdraw the same day I Joined?
Answer: Yes, depending on how many Ethereum you earn on that day.
Question: If I join today, When will they pay me?
Answer: You can withdraw your earnings anytime as long as you make profit. This is because all your transactions are done within your wallet and nobody has access to it except you.
Question: Who owns Forsage?
Answer: Forsage isn’t owned by anybody. It is decentralized and as such It is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability.

 A smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm. It exists within the Ethereum Blockchain,  the number one cryptographic currency among those with which smart contracts can be created.
Question: How many referrals do I need before I can withdraw?
Answer: As little as 1-3 and you’re good to go. Whether you bring in referrals or not, as long as you’ve earned whether via spillovers overflows or direct referrals you can always sell your profit but upgrading higher levels gives you more profits.
Question: What is the difference between Forsage and Ethereum?
Answer: Forsage is a platform you are investing in while Ethereum is the cryptocurrency you’re investing with.
Question: How many referrals do I need to open a higher level?
Answer: It depends on your mode of earning. Your earnings can come without referrals through spillovers and overflows, that way you don’t need referrals to upgrade. And if  
you refer and earn, you can also open a higher level. You can also buy higher levels with your Ethereum without necessarily earning yet with the aim of having higher earnings  
from the X4 baskets on Forsage through spillovers and overflows.
Question: Can I use any other wallet apart from Trust wallet, token pocket and Metamask?
Answer: No, because these are the most compatible wallets for transacting in the Forsage Smart Contract.
Question: If I don’t have referrals, how fast or soon will I start earning the spillovers and overflows?
Answer: It has no specific timeframe. It all depends on the number of transactions within the system.
Question: What if I can only refer one or two people, how will I make money? 
Answer: As long as you work as a team, you will always earn and sustainably too. Team work pays in Forsage. You can’t do it individually without help from your upline/downline.
Question: How many times can I cash out in a day or week?
Answer: You can cash out as many times as possible as long as you earn during the day/week.


-You are paid automatically and immediately you earn
-You don't need to request withdrawal, because before you know that You've even earned, you've been paid
-Forsage website cant shutdown, because it is built under blockchain
-Even the founders of forsage can't change the rule
-Forsage can't be hacked
-Forsage is a lifetime contract
-In forsage the levels can never expire
-Joining forsage requires a one time buying of 0.065 etherium
-In forsage you can turn 0.065 ethereum to 650 ethereum with time, teamwork and hardwork
-Forsage is not a get rich quick scheme
-In forsage you get rich gradually and consistently
-In Forsage You earn when you refer
-In Forsage you earn when you upgrade
-In forsage you earn when you don't refer anyone
-In forsage you earn when your downlines refers
-In forsage you earn when your downlines upgrade
-In forsage when 1person joins, 2people Earns
-In forsage  we trust
-Referring 1 person is enough
 -in forsage, 2 people is very good, 3 or more, you're a wealthy person
-The earlier you join forsage, the bigger your chances


I'm glad you have reached this stage of making payment and to become a member.
In other to start forsage you will need be a member, so I will give you guiders which will fully take you through on the forsage smart contract business.

This guiders are fully trained on forsage business, so feel comfortable with any of them you message.
1. Charles: Click HERE to WhatsApp or call +2347066944984

2. Jennifer: Click HERE to WhatsApp or call +2348131013546

3. Purity: Click HERE to WhatsApp or call +2348103619839

Feel free and comfortable to message them in other to be linked up on forsage registration and payment... You are SAFE
In conclusion
We are about to round up the business, so don't be left out message the guiders to put you through.

»Invest BIG to receive BIG
»Take risk in life in other to succeed
»Never give up
»Stop procrastinating

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